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This book tells the story of a child who was not loved, nurtured, protected and supported.  It can happen to any child, and it may have happened to you or someone you know.  If you would like to share your reaction to this story, or your own incredible experience, please do so by Contacting Us.

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We specialize in works of inspiration, healing and transformation.


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A Compelling Read

Marion Witte’s book is a compelling and inspiring read.  She tells the haunting story of her abusive childhood and takes us on her journey as she gradually gains insight into the ways that the abuse she experienced affected her self-image and behavior as an adult.  Most importantly, through sharing her path toward recovery and healing, she shows all of us who have experienced trauma in childhood that, through our personal work and commitment to heal, we can learn to be healthier, happier people than we may have thought possible.

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